Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Did You Miss Me?

It's been a while since I posted (almost a month, EEEK!)...and it's been mostly from being busy!  We made the move into the new house, and it has been overwhelming at times as we try to navigate the new space and try to figure out how to best place everything.  Because of the two-story great room the new house has less square footage than the old house (until the basement is finished), so, it's been interesting.

We also took one last longer trip to the beach before Little Man started school, which, was a little crazy in retrospect.  Oh, and did I mention Hubby has traveled twice since the move too?  And Little Man started school? It's been an INSANE few weeks!  The best thing I can say about the whole thing though is that I must have done something right, because Little Man handled the move and the start of a new school so well!  I'm telling myself that he must feel safe and secure to be able to handle it all as if it was no big deal.

The packing and moving of our things felt like a colossal task, even with weeks of pre-planning.

We have WAY too much stuff.

And then Hubby rented a ridiculously too-small truck to move our stuff.  This truck is meant to move a two-bedroom APARTMENT.  And we were moving a four-bedroom HOUSE.  Making it even more infuriating, we had discussed the appropriate size to reserve, since back when we moved in 2006, he had made the same mistake!  Grrr....

The clutter in the first days in the kitchen was so frustrating, but I wanted to think through where to put everything.

Some of the rooms look SO much smaller with our furniture in them!

The movers broke part of my dining room table so we're having to deal with fixing that now...another grrrr moment!

And, leading up to the move, and finished during the beach trip, I finally made the Tulip Cardigan, which had been in my Ravelry queue since 2006.  I love the colors!!!  It's made all-in-one piece with no seaming.  And I picked up a new skill with the applied i-cord bind-off edge!  It's a 12-18 month size.  Love it!

I've got some other projects I've dabbled with a bit, and hopefully, I'll share them soon!  Oh, and I have to share about my visit to Charleston, and another activity I've been doing lately...see you again soon!

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WOW!!! What more can I say?
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