Sunday, September 18, 2011

Before We Knew It, August Flew By!

Just to catch up on some fun we've had (in between all the craziness)..

Hubby traveled....right after we moved into the new house!  I did my best to distract Little Man, and sometimes, I get very creative!  One night I let him have a bath in our new bathtub (I haven't even had one there yet)!  He loved it...he used his goggles and said it was like a swimming pool ;)

After Hubby came back from his business trip we spent our first full weekend in the new the beach!  We took one last longer weekend beach trip before school started.

From the beach spot, I headed to Charleston to meet up with my very good friend from law school (Charleston is 90 miles away).  We had a great time.  She lives in PA so I don't get to see her often, and so it was great that she wanted to visit Charleston, so I could meet up with her.  She was staying at the Harbour View Inn, and I stayed there that night after we went out on the town.   We headed out right away into the Market.  We stopped at Filthy Rich which is the jewelry store where I found my Royal Wedding engagement ring.  They sell all kinds of reproductions, and Julia found two pieces that she loved...even a necklace made like one Jackie Kennedy wore...swoon! After that we headed to the Peninsula Grill where we had dinner last year during a day trip.We had coconut cake martinis, and then I had a tea-tini while she had a southern Manhattan.  I just love the ambiance of Peninsula Grill...just look at the bathroom even!

After our cocktails we headed to Hominy Grill.  We had a hilarious cab driver who had us laughing the whole way, and had some suggestions for the evening.  Julia had a big smile on her face...she LOVES yummy food!

We shared fried green tomatoes and she crab soup.

And then we each shared half of our entrees so we could try some different things.  We had fried chicken with  beans and collards...and shrimp and grits with mushrooms and scallions.  Very good.

And buttermilk pie for dessert.

After we finished eating, we called the same cab driver we had had before, he scooped us up about 7 minutes later, and we headed to the Vendue Inn Rooftop Bar and Restaurant.  Julia was looking forward to a sunset view, but, the weather didn't cooperate.  We had a drink, then headed across the street to The Griffon which was right across the street and was suggested by the taxi driver.  It's like an English pub inside.  We made ourselves to home with a couple of beers, hung out chatting with tourists and locals alike, and had our picture taken by a very shaky-handed bartender.

The rest of the evening I have no photos of.  We headed to a nightclub where I remember dancing like I was in my twenties again...ahhh, good times!  We called it a night, and in the morning, room service came.

Then we headed to the park for some fresh air.

And then we headed to Husk.  Husk was named Bon Appetit magazine's 2011 Best New Restaurant in the United States.  And as a foodie, Julia REALLY wanted to try them out.  We couldn't get in for dinner on Saturday, so we made a reservation for brunch on Sunday.  I love this restaurant.

Every day the menu changes because it is based on availability of local ingredients.  They make their own sauces.  They tell you what farm the meat came from.  And I loved the decor.

The fried green tomatoes were great.  But, in my dreams, I can still taste the heirloom tomato salad.  That salad was scrumptious.  I'm salivating just thinking about it.

For an entree Julia had catfish.

I had fancified steak and eggs.  

After brunch I headed back to the beach spot.  We had a fabulous time, and just a few days later, Little Man was ready for the first day of school.  Excited for first grade, and wearing his favorite color, he all but ran to the bus stop.  He quickly made friends, and was playing tag when the bus came.

And as he excitedly climbed on board...I waved like crazy, holding back tears, realizing he was so excited he didn't look back.


Anonymous said...

What a great post! There was so much good food..and decor. You look so makes me miss you even more. Charleston seemed like a really fun filled trip...and she crab soup...brought back memories of all the things I learned about when I came down south!
LOve,as always, Mom

Sinéad said...

What a busy post! Sounds like you had great fun. Coconut cake martinis. I think I've died & gone to heaven. Love the picture of Little Man walking away to school, it brought a lump to my throat. First days are hard to let go!