Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Every Week, A Little Progress

We are facing the long haul with the basement project.  With our other home still for sale we don't want to put much money into the project, and the plan is for Hubby to do a good chunk of the work...which he has to have time for (you know, between work trips, work itself, and football games).  I was thinking I'd share the progress as we go along...maybe sharing photos once a week (if anything has changed).  But to see what progress has been made, first let me remind you of where we started!

The first two photos show what the basement looked like when we bought the house.

As of last Friday, the walls were moisture-locked, and insulation was done.

Slow and steady is going to get it done!


Sinéad said...

That's a HUGE space! If I were you, I'd grab that as a craft room!

Anonymous said...

Good going so far! It really is
a LARGE area...isn;t it?
Tell hubby to keep up the good...
when he can find the time!
Love,as always, Mom