Monday, October 10, 2011

Basement Progress

As of last week Hubby finished the framing for the craft room...

 and the half bath.

The above photo is a better view of what will be the half bath which will be accessible from the office and the craft room.  By making it a jack-and-jill layout we can also use both rooms as guest sleep spaces.

The treadmill and elliptical trainer are both on the opposite side of where the movie area will be.  And the doorway leads to the office space.

It's kind of hard envisioning what it will look like, isn't it? But, now that "walls" are up, with a lot of imagination, you can slowly start seeing where the project is headed!


Anonymous said...

Hubby is sooo crafty too! Its hard to imagine,so, keep the pics coming.
Love,as always,Mom

Sinéad said...

Looking good! I'm jealous of your crafty hubby, can you send him my way once he's finished? I have a ton of jobs for him!