Monday, November 26, 2012

Crafting With Fish

So it may not be knitting, sewing or painting but I really do feel like the class I recently took where I learned to make sushi was crafting.  The finesse it took, the technique, and, mostly, the creativity that went into making rolls and nigiri definitely made crafting sushi feel like an art form.

The class was held at Flex and Fit, a gym that offers healthy cooking classes not far from where I work.  They are also well known for their aerial yoga where you hang from hammocks.  The class was taught by the sushi chef from a VERY popular restaurant in town (Cowfish) and there was tons to learn and eat.  There were also bottomless bottles of sake (I didn't have any though since I was driving).

First we watched demonstrations, and then we took turns being hands on.  As we made our rolls we shared them with other students who were waiting.  It was great to try tons of different combinations.

My first ever roll...I was so excited it looked like sushi and not a rice mess!

After learning how to do fancy toppings we moved into nigiri, which is rice with fish or shrimp placed on top.    We had the opportunity to try waloo which is a fish that comes from Hawaii.  Cowfish has fish shipped so fresh, they told us the fish had been swimming earlier that day. It was delicate, and had a gorgeous texture to it....very delicious.

A true craft chick finds opportunities to craft wherever she goes ;)

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Anonymous said...

very crafty...I don't remember hearing about this. Still don't know how you fit all this intrigue into your already busy calender!
Love ya, Craftchicks' Mom