Monday, December 16, 2013

A Gift and Some Leftovers Put to Use

I'm here with a head cold which makes anything requiring too much movement too painful for my sinuses, so what better time to post on the blog?

While getting ready for the holidays my needles have been clicking and I finished up a gift for Hubby and a little something for me.

Since Hubby is a fan of the Carolina Panthers when I ran across some limited-edition yarn by Lorna's Laces at a local yarn store dyed in Carolina Panther blue I snatched it up...that and the free pattern for the Simple Guy Hat.  It was a quick, simple knit.  The yarn is bulky so that helped.  The funny part? I wanted it to fit without a fold-up brim.  But to accomplish that I had to have Hubby try it on...which was awkward since it's for a gift.  So I had him close his eyes for the two fittings, silly, right? At least I know when he unwraps it it'll fit right!

After that, I cast-on for these little Comfort Slippers.  I've had the pattern for a while.  I cast-on the first one on Thanksgiving because we were going away and I wanted to take them as a project.  I finished the whole thing the following day and it was way too big so I had to frog the project and start over.  I also realized that I wouldn't have enough in the peachy yarn (you might recognize it as's the JAWS yarn and I made another pair of slippers in it before).  So , I decided to use the leftovers from the Gone With the Wind yarn called Tara for the strap and heel, then changed to Flesh for the foot, and then finished with a cap toe in Tara.  The changes were almost perfect in the first slipper, but it could have been 2 rounds longer for the perfect fit.  So the second slipper has that extra little bit..and voila...a pair of slippers made from leftovers :)

What's on my needles now? A hat.  Because I don't have one and I need one.  And because duh, I knit, so I have no excuse to not have one!

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