Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Oh so that's why!

Last post I told you how I need a regular knit hat for winter.  And how, as a knitter, I had no reason to not have one.  I went through my yarn and found some I already had, found a free pattern, and cast-on for the hat...super easy...right? WRONG!

I read the pattern is on the big side, so I cast on fewer stitches...and there were still too many I realized after knitting an inch.  I ripped it all out to start again.  I got the sizing right but didn't like the holes that were created with the yarn overs in the pattern design.  After knitting 2 inches, I ripped it all back to start again with knitting in the back of the stitches to prevent the holes.  Then, because it was too late to be starting again when I did, I missed a crucial piece of the pattern where it shifts 2 stitches, so I had to start over again.  AGAIN!

I finally got into a good groove with the pattern, made great progress, and got to the decreases which were all messed up because once I adjusted the cast-on stitches my hat no longer matched the 14 lines of decreases....sigh.  I knew the pattern well enough that I could wing it.  I finish the knitting, try it on and SIGH...it's just a little too short.  CRAP! The decrease rows I did weren't as many because the hat had fewer stitches...so now, to fix this hat I'm going to have to pick up stitches around the bottom and knit some ribbing.

Yep, that's how I feel about that..and it was when I realized what I was going to have to do when I thought to myself, oh, so that's why you BUY a knit hat! Because then you can quickly try it on and take it off and throw it back on the shelf if you don't like the fit instead of spending &*&@! hours knitting only to have it not fit! 


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