Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The hat is fixed! And now I'm ready for next week when I brave the freezing cold temperatures of my hometown! Last year I walked through the snow with nothing on top of my head...which was kind of gross when it melted!  The picked up stitches worked out well, and now I'm finished ! It looks like I have a conehead, but that's not the hat's fault...apparently I have a conehead and that's why most hats don't looks so great on me ;)

In other knitting news the Egg to Turtle knitting pattern by Susan B Anderson was released free on the Knitting Daily website and since I've been OBSESSED with this pattern, I cast-on for it right after finishing my hat.  Never mind the fact that my son is probably too old for a little stuffed turtle in his stocking, he's getting one!

The egg was finished in under an hour!

The turtle itself is pretty close to being finished, I'm going to try to finish the legs and face tonight.  If I manage to do that, all I'll have left to do is seam the 2 together for a little reversible toy turtle...super cute, right?

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