Saturday, August 15, 2015

Dive In Movie

Here's something I had never done before...a dive-in movie. You float around in the pool while you watch a movie. I knit a little before getting in the pool.

Thank God Hubby didn't videotape me struggling to get up on my float...once I figured out the trick it was easy-peasy, but the struggle was real (and unflattering).

The movie that was on was 'Brave'...I totally wish it had been 'Jaws'...can you imagine how creepy that would be? Somebody bumps your foot and BAM...the pool is full of pee! Love the idea though, I've seen that's a thing...if I found someone with a big enough pond I would totally do it!

Little Man and I enjoyed floating around...even if we got turned around in the water and couldn't always see! Man we love the place we go to at the beach...and it's about to get a big cool!

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Anonymous said... apt complex had a movie night at the pool and played jaws and i couldnt hang..i had to get out the water..Doozer