Thursday, June 8, 2017

Late Mother's Day Gift

Look what Little Man brought home for me today! He made this cute little man dish with a beret hat as the lid in school. He knew he wanted me to have it for Mother's Day but it was chosen for the art show so he was only able to bring it home today. Then, as he was running home with it in a paper bag he fell and dropped it right in the driveway outside of our house. He and Hubby both heard the horrible clink of pottery hitting concrete and Little Man was sure that it was broken. He started crying and was too afraid to look. Luckily, once Hubby checked on it, it was only chipped below the smile...and the chip was in the bag, so I'll be able to fix it and Little Man was able to give me my present with pride.

I couldn't mind the late present too much...I still have my gift for my mom. I sent her her card, but her gift isn't something that could be shipped...I'll share all about it in a later post!

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