Friday, June 9, 2017

New Shark Stitchmarkers!

Yes, I already have shark stitch markers. But, since shark-themed crafty items bring me joy,they're pretty inexpensive AND they take up no additional room because they all fit in my stitch marker storage...AND these were REALLY ingenious...I ordered them!

Silly Sheep Designs doesn't usually carry this set, they were created ahead of Shark Week. The were really fun to unwrap...everything was in a pretty cellophane package with a floral decoration. There were stickers and a bag of tea AND a shark water toy!

All the stitch markers were shipped on a storage ring to keep them together (love that) and I love the jaws moves! The jaws open and shut! It'll take some self control to keep from playing with it when I have it hanging from my knitting!

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