Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mother's Day Lighthouse Garden

I have REALLY been wanting to make a little fairy garden. I've thought about size, where I would put it, what I definitely want in it...and I went to Michael's to scope out supplies....and wound up instead completely coming up with an idea for my mother instead!

First I saw this seashell shaped planter. And it all took off from there. I bought what I could at Michaels...and then purchased the sand and glass rocks elsewhere. Oh, and I found the air plant in seashell in Charleston at the it!!!

So, you can't really ship a fairy garden, so I had to wait to gift it to my Mom. Then, originally I planned to put it together for her...but changed my mind and decided she and I would do it together. That way it was a fun activity to do together and she was able to put things where she wanted...bonus!

First we added the sand.

Then we added the rocks to make the "water"

Then we added the flamingo, lighthouse, sand dollars, starfish and the message in a bottle.

It came out great! Really awesome part? THE LIGHTHOUSE LIGHTS UP!!!!

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